To Whosoever Shall,


Our purpose in this open letter is to clearly reveal to other fathers, mothers, and spiritual parents that the world is surely against them but God is most certainly for them.  If God be for us who can be against us?  There is victory in Christ Jesus resurrected. Christ Jesus intercedes for us with our heavenly Father.  I challenge you to read God’s word open-mindedly – you will be changed mightily – God will intervene and help you personally.  How can we be so sure?  It happened undeniably to us, and that is why we pen this short story.  The world tells us, even shouts at you and I to believe the lies that seeking God’s face means giving up those things that you must have.  The truth is that when you seek God’s face – He frees you from all manner of slavery and bondage.  You are special and unique.  You were created; Your Creator will always love you.  He wants the best for you; however His rules say He will not force you to choose Him.  Nothing else outside of choosing God will satisfy you – a personal relationship with your Creator and Abba Father is what the world desperately tries to deny you.  Beat the world system – if the lies are sticking in your throat and heart and you know something is seriously not well with your soul or your families -- try the truth and you will be set free indeed.


Our story: “A brief journey -- from suffering to eternal victory and abundant life.  During July 2001 our family experienced wonderful signs and wonders that were undeniably --from God. 


This is a short story and testimony told by a father who is relieved, grateful, and appreciative.  There are some brief copies of e-mails from L. to help progressively document what happened.  The emails are dated between July 5 and Oct 1, 2001.   Significant events that we believe are true miracles from God occurred immediately preceding, during, and following this timeframe… and the emails show a progressive and rapid work of the Lord in a young family.


L. and I had been sharing daily scripture e-mails for about two years (June 1999 – June 2001).  This scripture sharing was L.’ idea and it was a life changing and eternally significant one for both us (and several others who also participated on a less than daily basis.)  Scripture tells us “My people perish for lack of knowledge (wisdom) and vision”.  This story relates the truth of such promises and some of the results of sharing and staying in God’s Word.


In late June 2001, my son L. called me and told me he had a dream about an old wooden house sitting in a large field and that I was in the dream warning him of five tornadoes coming down a road.  Amazingly -- M. (L. fiancée) had a dream that same night and I was also in her dream, as was the same wooden house in the field.  In her dream I said we need to pray and looked at my watch and said, “It’s 6 o’clock, time to pray. Then we went to a corner of the room in the house and prayed”.  God revealed to me immediately that the dream meant L. and family were to come to Austin, Texas to visit us (They lived in Niceville, FL.)


More importantly L. and family were to go through Christian counseling rather than the secular counseling they were considering.  Now L. and M. had not heard of such a thing and my wife and I were relatively new to what God was doing through a Christian counseling ministry here in Austin.  Even though L.’s job was ending due to company relocation -- M. and L. were willing to come to Texas – financial issues were not an issue; as God already knew what was going to happen and provided resources ahead of time.  The dual dreams occurred as a wonderful sign from God and the stage was being set for great things to occur.


L. talked with M. and they agreed to travel to Austin immediately, but they could only stay five days.  They arrived on Friday.  On Sunday, they attended church (Central Baptist in Round Rock) on Sunday and the title of the message was “Forgive Your Brother”, and it was a compelling message clearly from God, but none of us fully understood it’s significance at that time.  We noticed in this service that little R. (about a year old) lifted his hands in the air as if praising God in worship – and I believe He was.


On the Tuesday following this Sunday church service, L. went to the scheduled counseling session.  M. did not plan to attend – however she changed her mind, apparently being led by the Holy Spirit.  The counseling session began normally and continued to a point where L. was led to his breakthrough point -- which interestingly enough involved “forgiving his brother”, literally.  We then remembered the sermon title on the previous Sunday!  Not a coincidence, but another wonderful sign of affirmation from God. 


During this same session, the Lord revealed that M. had not dealt with the grief she experienced as a child over the loss of her younger brother.  Is this amazing or what?  Both L. and M. were being spiritually oppressed because of something relating to relationships with their siblings – in this case both were brothers.  Both L. and M. were led by the Lord to forgive others and to resolution of grief involving their brother.


Once generational curses, soul-ties, and oppressing spirits were addressed, both L. and M.’s attention were drawn simultaneously by the Holy Spirit to look to their far left at a large painting on the wall. The painting was a simple one of an old wooden house in the middle of a large field. As they noticed it for the first time, they exclaimed “THAT is the house that was in my dream!”  A third and true sign from God! – ONLY God could have done this.  His plans are for good and NOT for evil, to give us a hope and a future, a known and wonderful destiny.


The Lord gave the (1) dual dreams, (2) He brought about the church service sermon titled “Forgive your brother” and the (3) picture on the wall that was in the dual dreams of L. and M. —ALL were clear and undeniable signs that He is real, His eye is on us, and that He is for us.  How merciful, gracious, loving, and incredibly awesome and powerful God IS -- to be able to do such amazing things.  Just think for a moment all that God put in motion through the years for this handful of people to believe and to free and bless them, to lead them to choose to have curses replaced with His blessings.


Prior to this time, L. began having intense problems with anger and rage.  He considered going to a psychiatrist or psychologist!  [I made this mistake with L.’ brother (Daniel). Daniel started counseling when he was 5 years old. For 17 years many different secular doctors, hospitals and institutions treated the symptoms but had no clue what the root of the problem was.  Daniel did not get better as a result of the years of intense secular “therapy”.]  


L. had become a very unhappy and tormented soul.  However, God intervened!  Note how long it took God to heal L. – one Christian counseling session!!!  Glory and honor to our Lord God Almighty.  Why did God intervene?  Perhaps it is because previous to this significant turn of events, L. had stayed in the Word of God through the sharing of a scripture verse via DAILY email for almost two years.  God’s Word tells us that it will not come back void but will accomplish its intended purpose.


L. believed and acted on his belief.  As L. shared scripture daily it became his daily bread and along with the Holy Spirit began a good work in him that changed him and continues to do so. God’s Word is real and true, sharper than any two edged sword for cutting away the damage of the enemy that can otherwise hold us captive.  When we purpose to come and stay under the shelter of God’s wing, then there is healing and restoration for us to the point of being pleasing in His sight – to the point where we can boldly come to God’s throne of grace, mercy, love, kindness, and power though Christ Jesus our intercessor -- His victory made ours. 


As we approach the throne of God, still not pure and completed, Christ Jesus does not wait, rather He runs out to meet us and covers us in the wonderful robe of His precious redeeming blood.  Christ Jesus does this today as we abide in Him and He abides in us, so we can enter today into God’s presence with thanksgiving in our hearts and with praise, worship, and adoration because He is Holy and our All in All.


The following emails from L. show thankfulness, appreciation, peace, joy, and more ... for what God did in their lives … accompanied by visible signs … (sent following the counseling session.) 


Everyone is noticing a difference in L., M. and children.  Each of the family notices a difference in each other.  These emails reveal a rapid and progressive work that God is doing in this family.  It was a wonderful family already, but God is pouring out his blessings on them now to overflowing.  Scripture also tells us to continue in God’s Word renewing our minds daily… and this is VERY important. 







Verse for Friday July 5th, 2001.


Good Morning,


Well, just arrived back from my vacation in Austin, Texas and was it ever relaxing.  I believe not only did my family and I have an enjoyable and relaxing time but we benefited from being there.  M. and I feel stronger in the Lord now and we actually recited our wedding vows before God and made a decision to marry ceremonial next year.  By going to the counseling there we actually feel better about our relationship not only with each other but with God.  Every page is an open one, and there is no hidden small print.  The only thing we have done is handed over the pen to God to involve him more in our lives from now on.  It probably sounds like an incredible transition for just a week, but it is true, we experienced it and are better for our decision to live the way God wants us to.   I not only feel stronger as a father but as a family we are stronger, the faith we keep can only make the future even better.  I realize the change that has happened in my Dad and Mom since they moved over to Austin and they look younger because of their faith.  They look like they’re in their thirties again, it really is amazing the power that faith in God can have on the human mind, spirit, and quality of life here on Earth.  I’ll stop here because I could keep going because I am so thankful for my parents, my family, and a God who cares for us so much. Oh by the way I will be flying to Tampa for a day this Monday the 9th because they want to step up the process of me seeing the operation I suppose.   Here is a verse for today:

2 Peter, 3:9

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.











Next, two short emails reveal God provided wisdom, confidence and calmness in the face of crisis …  with the sure knowledge of belonging to the Lord -- and the body of Christ.







Verse for Tuesday July 10th, 2001

            Good Afternoon,

Have been very busy lately and I just arrived back from Tampa yesterday so I wasn’t able to do my verse for the day.  I had a very enjoyable visit there yesterday and I believe it would be a great place to live.  The Continental - EDS manager told me yesterday before I left if I would accept the position, I said yes.  He then said they would let me know very quickly what their plans were.  Right when I arrived to work this morning I received a call from him saying they would like to offer me the position.  M. isn’t very excited at the moment because she realizes allot of realities of moving and I do as well, but EDS is a great company and is willing to help out with every aspect of relocating us.  It really is a good place to live and there is so much to do, but it doesn’t seem overbearing like most cities.  It is very spread out and it has both country and city.  So I start work there next week (unofficially) the official start date will be later next month.  The job will push me to lean towards telecommunications and network/desktop support.  They want to send me to train for Rockwell certification as soon as I get my feet wet dealing with the voice circuits and troubleshooting the switch.  I hope you all would pray for my family and I during this time because things that are said and done are very fragile concerning M. and her willingness to relocate with such short notice.  I really had no choice in this matter as my plant may or may not stay open and I could not wait until the last moment.  I started looking 60 days ago and I look at this as a blessing but others may not.  I certainly don’t treasure having to readapt to a different environment but the Lord has His Hand in this I just know it, I can feel it in my heart.  So please include us in your prayers during these next few weeks.  Here is a verse I found for today:

John, 14:2  

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so , I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.


















       Good Morning,

                        Went home hunting last night on the Internet and also looked on Tampa Bay Online for relocating info.  The really have a comprehensive website on all that is available there.  M. still doesn't like the idea though and tells everyone that as well, but I am happy she is just willing to do so.  I sure hope she isn't miserable though because I don't want things to be that way.  I think I have done the right thing and I haven't been selfish in my decision.  I included my family and in the same time know that this will lead to better things as well.  Macdill A.F.B is something else as well, we should have no problem fitting in there and maybe that will make things better for M.'s mind.


Here in Crestview things are almost at an eruption level.

Very soon employees will be let go and the shutdown procedure will initiate contract or not.  I don't know what will happen but it will happen very soon.  Well I hope you all are doing well, please say a prayer for us if you have time.

Ephesians, 4:4

There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;











Excitement-- what could have been disaster turns into blessing and prosperity.







Verse for Friday July 20th, 2001 and last one for awhile...until  July 23rd.


         Good Morning,

I will be leaving here shortly and will be traveling to Tampa for a week’s stay with my family.  My new team leader keeps quoting he’s going to work me hard, but that’s what I look forward to is a good challenge.  Everything is worked out now and the recent news that my team leader gave me makes things easier for M. and the kids.  EDS is going to move our house free of charge, pay for our gas, meals and provide us a home for 30 days until we can find one.  Along with that they are giving us an allowance of $2K to use for blanket expenses.  So prayer really does work, thank you for your prayers for the last two weeks and thank you God for your blessings you have bestowed upon my family and I.  I don’t think I could be anywhere near where I am today without God’s blessings in my life.  Even though I have at times shut Him out, God has always been there with open arms and abundant blessings.  It’s just like the song goes “ I could speak of His love forever” for us all.  It’s all there, if we all just believe we will receive.  Here is a verse I found for today, have a great next week, and please continue to include us in your prayers for our big journey we are about to undertake:


James, 1:25

But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein , he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

















Verse for Friday August 10th, 2001


            Good Morning,


Traffic was flowing nicely today and I didn’t have a hard time getting to work for a change which was very nice.  It’s going to take some adjusting to get used to this kind of atmosphere again.  I lived in the country/town atmosphere for over 6 years now and I believe it is quite a change, even though I thought it would not be one.  I took a walk around the neighborhood with my wife, Jeanneane, and R. yesterday night and it was very nice for a change.  I think the house can really bog you down if you stay in it for too long, and that is why I want to get M. out of it so she won’t go crazy.  I believe if she stays occupied during the day she can make it until all of us get back home.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there are lizards everywhere around here.  In my neighborhood alone, even at my home there are hundreds(and I’m not exaggerating) of these tiny lizards that strongly resemble the kind you would see from a tropical island.  The tiny ones are so cute, they do little push-ups when they stand still.  We had some tropical birds walking with us yesterday while we were taking our stroll, they looked like terns with long beaks and long legs.  I bet there are flamingos down here as well.  My middle daughter Claribel gets to go to Busch Gardens every week with her school for science class and she also gets to take advanced classes this year so if she does well enough she might go right to 9th grade or 10th grade.   She is definitely a go-getter when it comes to her studies, not quite like the other two, she shows a quiet determination with the work from school she has.  Well here is a verse I found for today, it is rather a snippet instead of a whole verse:

Philippians, 3:19        

Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)











A Father’s (L.’s) heart for his family 

– The love of God flowing through his servant, L.….









Monday Verse for October 1st, 2001.

            Good Afternoon,

It is beautiful here, has been since yesterday, the weather is just perfect.  It is cool in the morning, about 60 and then a mild 71, 72, with a cool breeze.  It makes it cruel and unusual punishment to stay inside and work with weather such as these.  I like your email Dad and the verse,  that is a very interesting subject for me and the verse I found for today touches on Euphrates as well.   M. and I found a church right down the road from us called King’s Baptist Church and it is almost like the church we went to when we visited you Dad, resembles it very much.  You all will have to come visit and go to church with us here, even M. has commented that the pastor resembles you Dad, and I had to agree.  So you guys should come see us while this weather is just perfect, I think the family would benefit as well.   Well have to go so here are some verses that I found from various parts of the Bible that touch on the subject of Euphrates.

Genesis 15:18

In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying,

Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:

Jeremiah 46:6

Let not the swift flee away, nor the mighty man escape; they

shall stumble, and fall toward the north by the river Euphrates.  

Jeremiah 46:10

For this is the day of the Lord GOD of hosts, a day of

vengeance, that he may avenge him of his adversaries: and the sword shall devour,  and it shall be satiate and made drunk with their blood: for the Lord GOD of hosts hath a sacrifice in the north country by the river Euphrates.
















So the blessings of God are clearly flowing in their lives as never before!  In place of anger there is peace, instead of arguments and tension there is love, joy, and prosperity.


Now there is one more part relating to this family that is revealing.  The Lord was clearly working for their good even before their counseling session-- even though they were not married as explained earlier.  God responds to faith and He sees the end from the beginning.  Little R. still in the womb appeared to be threatened. M. was fearful of having a miscarriage. 


However, L. had been reading and communicating to R. in the womb daily in a way similar to our daily email sharing of the Word.  He would read scripture and play music and speak to him.


So when M. and the doctor saw possible signs of a miscarriage, we all became fearful, I also became uneasy – perhaps because I was keenly aware that L. and M. were not married and that the curse of illegitimacy was one of our families generational curses.


There were three children by M. and her husband who had died and early death due to a Desert Storm related illness. If L. and M. were to marry, then she was told considerable income would cease – money that helped support M. and her three children.  L. was doing well in his career but it was believed that the loss of income would be devastating and foolish for the family should they choose to marry.


Of course, we were being attacked by our adversary  (who roams about like a lion seeking whom he may devour) about living in sin and bringing a child into this world that would be illegitimate according to the Word of God. The adversary strategy was laid out HOWEVER in the midst of this attack on as yet unborn R. and family, the Lord gave me a wonderful dream.  This dream of grace and comfort shows us what the future will be like for R..  It was totally unlike the picture the adversary was trying to deceive us into believing.


It is interesting and revealing that the Lord is doing marvelous things for the family as the dad, mom, and son purpose line up with the Word of God.  Even though they had not yet fully lined up yet – in their heart they chose and purposed to line up -- AND God sees all time at the same time – past, present, future NOW.  Glory to God in the highest, blessed be the Name of the Lord!


Dreams I usually forget -- but not those from my Lord God Almighty – they remain forever.  In this short and vivid dream, I saw a newborn baby with dark black hair – lots of it.


The baby was on a hospital gurney and there was white cloudlike stuff around that helped me focus on just the baby.

Next my hands were moved gently over his tiny body, which assured me that little R. was and would be normal as all the parts were in the right places and he seemed whole physically.


The view was from the back-side only, as he lay on his tummy sleeping, but I had a sense it was a boy, although at the time no one knew that would be so.


Then, I was instantly moved forward in “time” and the child was standing on what looked to be a table – still with his back towards me.  I estimate he was around a year old.

The pure white “clouds” were still around him and He clearly said “Glory to God in the Highest … Blessed be the Name of the Lord”.

I immediately awoke with a peace and joy in my heart and soul, knowing that he would be fine in the physical, but more importantly in the spiritual, which is eternal.  In my estimation, the Word of God that L. put into his heart and that Word was imparted to R. even though still in the womb.  God’s Word will not come back void…The adversary wanted to abort little R., but God has other plans… and that is so for every child … choosing and acting on the truth is important.  Talk to your unborn child – read and sing the scripture to him/her and know that in Him we live and breathe and have our being.

God is good and perfect in every way – comfort and compassion like no other can provide.


Later, R. was born healthy with a thick head of black hair, a boy, and has dancing dark eyes with a sweet spirit from the Lord. AND the Lord made my busy work schedule so I was able to travel and see him on his first days – something that I was not previously able to do with other grandchildren.


How loving and kind is our Heavenly Father, from whom all blessings flow.  R. took to his grandfather immediately -- hugging me as though we are of one Spirit -- I was elated.  Now how many more blessings can the Lord pour out onto and into one family?


Now to quickly tie the elements of this story together and close, there is one more immensely important thing that should be told about my son and His families counseling and counseling session – which we fully know was a divine appointment for them and others of us -- as a sign and wonder for whosoever would not otherwise believe and seek God’s face.


Early during the counseling session it immediately became clear that illegitimacy was sin and not being married would be a roadblock to counseling – to our earthly minds we could have easily believed that this approach to a miracle healing was going to abort – I for one knew all along this issue would arise in the session.


God intervened.  When this couple purposed to get married both in the eyes of man and more importantly in the eyes of God – the Holy Spirit allowed the minister to marry them immediately in the eyes of God!  And -- as you know from the previous information -- the counseling proceeded -- healing and restoration began and is continuing -- we can see this clearly from the sample emails from L.!


This is what God is able to do in one family.  It shouts softly but powerfully to us -- Trust and obey God – seek Him with our all.  He is able to accomplish all things.  Bless His Holy Name. 


Repentance, forgiveness, the breaking of generational curses, binding oppressive spirits, the cutting of hindering soul ties – these things are done because Christ Jesus was victorious and made His victory ours for the choosing.  We do not have to perish because God made a way where there was no way.


All this is in His Word -- so the blessings can flow from God -- joy, peace, love, and goodness of God springing forth as a river of abundant and eternal life to replace fear, anger, spiritual death, and separation from God with prosperity, peace, and prosperity unto thriving.


Because of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit’s intervention, this is what occurred with an American extended family.  In the midst of selfish generational wandering and resultant misery -- God intervened mightily as we cried out to Him.

The son did not wait until it was too late however.  He put the Word of God in his heart and it produced enduring fruit in due season.


Though the adversary raged against them -- it was to no avail.


How can we remain silent?  We hear and see thousands, even millions perishing daily.  How can we experience this type of miracle counseling and remain mute?  We cannot.  Christ lived a sinless life and died a cruel death to free us from many things that we chose but cannot live with.


Over 2000 years ago Christ won a victory over evil by allowing the adversary to place him on the cross unto physical and temporary spiritual death. After being so close in a personal relationship as Father and perfect Son, how horrendous it is that the Son and Father were separated.


Christ willing took our place, so that we might choose to be free of the adversary and live abundantly and eternally with Him, the Father, the Holy Spirit and other believers.  God has a plan for us for good and not for evil to give us a hope and a future.

We choose God and begin a gentle but sure journey toward God.  So in this testimony we fall far short of what we would like to communicate, human words being as limited as they are -- but we must relate the goodness of God, His grace, mercy, love, kindness, and awesome infinite power -- as a word of testimony for the honor and glory of our Lord God Almighty– that is what is related in this story –what has been and is being done in our lives shows our Creator not only lives, but is more than able to have and hold a personal relationship with each of us.


Only God can do such awesome things. No human, idol, false god, inanimate object – no thing can compare to our Lord God Jehovah whose Name is infinitely above all other names. Christ Jesus paid for our sin so we could return to Him and be blessed now and forever.  Oh how He loves you and i.


Come to the Father all who are weary, all who are heavy laden, all who are in slavery and bondage to lies, death, and misery?  Dip your heart and soul into the river of Life, the Living water, and you will never thirst again.  Glory to God in the highest, blessed be the Name of the Lord.