Well,   I originally thought we should let our voice be heard as Christians "all the way to Congress",  I was - of course - wrong in focus but only partly wrong as there is a critical first step that should never be left undone.  Else we defeat ourselves and evil thrives as a result.

 Our first cry for change and help should be to God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  And we should be bold and not hindered by not understanding the power and goodness of God.   Small feeble prayers that do not challenge our understanding of how much God is capable of are unnecessarily weak and uninspired.  God is more than able to answer any prayer that is right and inspired by the Word of God and Holy Spirit.

 Not that it is necessarily wrong to ask our elected leaders at all levels to respond rightly and represent us ... it is however far better to first pray to God for those who are the biggest, most attractive target for evil to attack in various and devious ways ... such men and women of substance and courage should be prayed for frequently because we all need a Savior, Redeemer, and we all need the One who is able to save, protect, guide, intercede, lead, and make us all that we can be - God's plan for our best destiny - if we are able and willing to receive it.  

 So cry out to God for help and help will come.  No matter what the odds; God is bigger than any mountain, bigger than anything.

 If we look to mere men and women alone, no matter how gifted, we will all fail and go down together - in this fallen world.  Many would perish eternally for our lack of the best, the right and true actions.

 On the other hand, we can stand, if we seek His face.  We can stand because of Him and Him alone.  With God, nothing can defeat us.  We are human flesh and blood however as new creatures in Christ Jesus we are spiritual beings and that makes all the difference.

 Although as flesh and blood citizens of this fallen world, we are hungry, thirsty, naked, and cold, in darkness and lies - even so we still should have hope.  Christ is The Living Bread, the Living Water, Clothes us in His Righteousness, Is The Light, The Truth of God, and more.  He can be - if we will receive it - our All in All.  I hope and pray whosoever reads this will seek the face of God.  He is patient and kind, righteous and just, gracious and merciful, sure and certain, even more ... choose life not death, blessing not curse.  It is an eternal decision ...

 So after taking care of the most needful and crying out to the One who really cares and has and is proving it ... then it is still good to let your voice be heard even as a testimony to those in authority over us.  How will they know and represent us if not?  Well, if we pray to God rightly our leaders will also know God's will ... and it truly is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of God who is the "I Am that I Am"...

Isn't it interesting that some who read this will mock it and curse God?  So sad and unfortunate a decision ... have to wonder who is really in control of such a person ... cause they don't seem to be.

The book of Joel, right before the book of Revelation speaks of those in the church who need to be pulled from the fire with fear and trepidation, lest we also fall to the wrong power that is influencing them...   and the book of Romans and Hebrews along with other books show how evil wrongly influences people to open the door to seemingly harmless evil ... evil that then rushes in like a flood and can quickly or slowly, but painfully escort a person ultimately into the pit of hell - a real place that we are warned to avoid.    God gave Himself as His Son to save us from this place.  What more could He do? 

 No one can earn salvation, makes sense, even in the natural.   God paid the price amazingly and it is interesting that some people try to deny His existence and curse in His name ... not in other so called false saviors or spiritual leaders, just in His name alone.   That gives credibility to His character when someone so evil will curse such a Person who did and is doing and will do His utmost to save us from ourselves and from intense evil that seeks to destroy us utterly.  So wake up and read His message to us - ignore the fallen world when they attempt in so many ways to keep you from reading the Bible, His message of salvation and freedom.   So many books to choose from and yet we are told not to read the best seller of all times - the Christian Bible.  Even a caveman should be able to figure this out.  I did.

 So if you happen to be a person who is either deceived or made afraid to read The Book ... be a rebel and rebel against evil that seeks to destroy you ... Read it and hear the Truth.  As God says ... you will be free indeed and in deed.  I personally know you will NEVER regret it.

Once we've gone to the highest power there is then ... Let Your Voice Be Heard All The Way To Congress ... but please remember to first pray as never before. God is never far from any of us (and that is essential Truth ... else we would all perish instantly and eternally.)

God responds to simple prayer ... eloquent, spiritual rocket scientist prayer by people all wrapped up in theology can have its place but the prayers I read about in God's word seem Holy Spirit inspired and of the kind that new born believers are well able to pray.  God responds to each of our prayers and no two of us are exactly alike.   Pray to God and know He will respond.  It is a first real step to true freedom and a real relationship with our heavenly Father.   Until that point in time we are a prodigal who God is patiently waiting to return and be in right and wonderful relationship with.   Just do it and see for yourself.  What do you have to lose ...  is there anything in this life worth missing the wonder and awesomeness of eternity with our Awesome Abba Father?   If one thinks there is something in this world worth trading for what God plans for us (but will not force on us) then I encourage you to ignore the world message to not read His message to you and I  and instead be bold enough to open mindedly read the message from Him and then make an informed decision.   Please. 


Important to know:  God is clearly outside of "time"; and being so He is able to intervene for overall good at will and He is in control.  Knowing this fact alone should free you from praying small prayers; God is not small in ability nor is he a man that He should lie.  Limitless power and perfect character are still too meager words to fully describe the King of kings, Lord of lords, Faithful and True.   Look at the names of God and see more of how incredibly wonderful He is.   Then our prayers will become more realistic and effective.

Are we in such a quagmire that we can't get out?  Ony if we surrender to our adversary.  Only if we qive up and quit.  Only if good men and women and children stand idly by and do nothing -- only then can evil darkness take the place of good light.  Be the light!  Act now and don't quit.  Keep it simple, concise, and on the point.  Evil tries to side track, confuse, re-direct, lie, steal, and kill/destroy, instill fear and distrust through sowing doubt. 

  • Yes, we as a nation are in a downward death and destruction spiral; not exactly a hot news flash is it?  Even so, there are people without and within our nation that try to obscure such simple truth -- if it puts their greedy agendas in peril.
  • Left, Right, and Center views all matter, however the left view is all that is getting out in the mass media; and that tends to cause the Leftist view to seem more like Centrist. 






  • A few nuts or self proclaimed brainiacs can seem like a majority if they can get all the mass media coverage in a biased way!
  • Most Americans are not perfect, yes you read me correctly, and yet -- the majority are caring people of dignity and sound, strong, firm, right moral character;  at least if you get them in a pickle.  We find out what people are made of in tough times ...
  • We are definitely in tough times as Christians, as compassionate people, as a people who seek after God through Christ Jesus.
  • There are enemies of the Cross and they are driven to destroy that which they hate -- that would be our families.  It is happening elsewhere as well.
  • Sobering Questions:  Did you hear about the 14 year old boy who muslims nailed to a cross?  How about the stoning of a young girl in Iraq by a religious group that is founded on earlymuslim/islamic principles.  If you did not hear about it, why?  We hear of most such things UNLESS it is hatred or violence against Christians.
  • Is there an agenda of "ethnic cleansing" against Christians in other countries?  In America?  If so who has the agenda? How many?  How is it being planned and carried out?  What type of people and of what character and beliefs are such people?  Where are these people who so vehemently oppose people of the Cross, we Christians?
  • Why is it that such anti-Christian and Anti-Jewish haters will actively support any thing BUT Christianity in the name of such terms as "Diversity"?  
  • Do powerful people want to make a mockery of our justice/legal/court/governmental system and families?  Why?  Would that make us jump at something like a one world government?  When we are taxed to pieces without our consent, just how is that constitutional?  Well, it isn't, so will a new one world government with a *new* constitution allow that to continue?  Or will the minority of people in power just switch to one nation after another to continue the greedy exploitation there -- until it too implodes?
  • Pray like never before -- that is the proper response for Christian believers...  Prayer changes things eternally as God responds on our behalf for His glory!
  • And it is fine to speak out in our nation and let your voice be heard -- at least it has been allowed up until now ... be vigilent however, because your adversary the devil roams about seeking whom he might destroy.  Often this is done through people ... we seem to be seeing an increase in such violence from all areas of life...
  • This means our adversary is desperate and losing big -- because where and when he attacks in a way we clearly recognize is information he does not want us to have -- pray into the situations that are revealed -- God's perfect will be done.  If we do not act to preserve our freedoms we will lose them and soon ...  here is information that should help you take action with a minimal amount of effort.  We are all very busy for some reason ... time is important ... use this information and invest and hour a week ... (outside of your prayers) you will make a tremendous difference.

This Congress.org site and similar web sites make it easier to speak you mind on important issues ... your voice counts only if you are heard in Congress ... and if we hold those in important positions accountable.   Such people can't fool us all the time unless we put our heads in the sand ... or unless we fail to be informed or do not act on important issues.

Some legislators and special Foreign interest, anti-Family, anti-Christian, anti-American groups don't want to hear you ...

Others don't want to represent you after they hear you ...

And then there are some representing Americans of good moral character; who is who and what?

You can find out easily who is supporting bad and good legislation -- go here and see the legislation and issues, as well as who is voting for/against what.  There will be references to organizations such as AFA, NRA; both Christian and non-Christian grass roots activist groups are represented.


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