... Be excellent in all you do; be innocent of evil, and the God of peace will soon crush satan underneath your feet ...

  Romans 16:19 -

  • What goes into ones mind, is what usually comes out in some similar way ...
  • Chart "How habits form and lead to character and eternal destiny"
  • To do:  Add links about schools, colleges, false religions, TV, music, video, radio, magazines, etc - various forms of mass media influence and who is running them
  • Who really chooses what is put into mass media, school books, etc.?
  • Does America; Do we really care about our children, our nation, God?
  • Christ did not die for us in vain ... and God sees all that is occurring
  • Truth in, Excellence out, the enemy defeated, God does it through us, because He wants to,

not because He has to ...          there is one thing I know that Job knows ... (Job's soul is in heaven)

When did God turn Job's captivity?  Answer: When Job prayed for his "friends"